Pricing tiers on the way

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Starting today all Shmeals are $10

Happy New Year Shmealers. 🎉

We’ve been listening to your feedback on Shmeal pricing. And a lot of you (not just cooks) have been saying you would like to see a price increase.

That’s why we’re announcing that, starting today, January 1, all Shmeals will be $10.

Cooks will get $9 per meal and Shmeal will still take $1 to cover our processing costs.

We hope that this increase helps cooks serve even more delicious meals on Shmeal.

From the Shmeal Team, we’re wishing you all a prosperous 2021! ❤ We have a lot in store for the new year, so stay tuned for big Shmeal news soon, including price tiers, referrals, and yes, our Android app. Cheers to the new year!

By Shmeal

The Shmeal Team. 🐖💻
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