“She’s not like a mac n cheese type of kid.”

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Behind the scenes with Logan

I went to Ravenswood recently to film one of our favorite new cooks, Logan. We had a blast!

I think Logan has a bright future as a TV chef. We shot so much video that I ran out of memory on my SD card. 😬

Not all of the footage made it into our social media accounts, so here is some fun stuff you might have missed! Enjoy! -Craig

Logan’s adorable daughter Nalani keeping it 💯.

Logan shows off a plaque that hasn’t made it onto the wall yet.

Logan works as a pro Chef during the week, but Shmeal scratches a different creative itch.

And here’s the video we featured on our social media and on the home page of the website. Celebrating self expression and the Shmeal community, with special appearances from Auggie, Jojo and Matt!

By Craig

Shmeal designer, marketer, lead emoji selector, enthusiastic cook and eater.
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