Inspired by the frugal cooking goddess Budget Bytes

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Sweet potato and lentil curry

Video recipe: Sweet potato and lentil curry

Inspired by this recipe from Budget Bytes

Slow-cooked lentils
Lentils in the (slow-cooker)


I’ve loved lentils even before Dead Prez said lentil soup is mental fruit on their classic 2000 album Let’s Get Free.

Side note what’s the best foodie song of all-time? Tell us in the comments.

Here’s a look at the ingredients for this recipe:

Left to right: Tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, onions.


The inspiration for this recipe is from the queen of cheap cooking, Budget Bytes. If you’re not familiar, Budget Bytes is a blogger who invents DELICIOUS cheap recipes, usually for around $1-$2 per serving. Check out her website, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Insta. She’s got lots of great tips around saving money and cooking.

Anyway, back to this Shmeal. This bowl tasted amazing. I especially loved how the sweet potatoes and lentils mixed with the tangy yogurt and fresh lime juice. YUM.

The finished product.

Try this recipe out for a tasty, healthy Shmeal. Get the full recipe from Budget Bytes: Slow-cooker coconut curry lentils.


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