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Shmeal containers and cutlery

Preparing meals for people is tough. There are a million things to think about – portion sizes, ingredient lists, timing everything just right.

So to make life easier for Shmeal cooks, we’ve decided to supply all the packaging you’ll need to share meals on Shmeal, free of charge.

In this post we’ll talk a little bit about how we plan to provide containers and cutlery to Shmeal cooks, and take a look at some of the container options we’re considering.

Option one: the bagasse bowl

A brown bagasse bowl with lentil curry inside
We love the look and feel of this bowl. Food just looks good in it.


This bowl has a beautiful light brown color and a great shape for serving and eating.

It’s made from a material called bagasse [pronounced “buh-gas”]. Bagasse is a renewable resource made from sugarcane pulp. It’s compostable and normally breaks down in under 90 days.
The lid is plastic and recyclable.

This bowl is perfect for hot and cold food. We’ve eaten a lot of foods out of it so far, like zoodles and meatballs, carnitas bowls and curries.

Coconut lentil curry in a Shmeal bowl
We recently made this coconut lentil curry bowl based on a recipe from Budget Bytes.


You might have seen this container around Chicago, like at Naf Naf, Goddess and the Grocer or Blackwood BBQ.

The one weakness of the bagasse bowl is that it’s not ideal for holding hot liquids. That’s why we’ll also be offering a second option for soup…

Option two: soup container.

Some lentil soup in a Shmeal soup container.
We’ve been eating a lot of lentils lately.


We’re still in the process of selecting a soup container, but this one is one of our favorites.

These containers are perfect for serving hot soups, stews, chilis, or really any Shmeal that contains hot liquid.

This container is also 32oz. It has a nice bright white color and has a bit of a resemblance to the soup containers used by the Soup Nazi.

These containers are perfect for jumbalaya or mullagatawney.

The Sticker

A roll of Shmeal stickers
A roll of Shmeal stickers.


Containers will come with a Shmeal sticker on them. The sticker gives the cook a space to write something, like the name of the Shmeal or a message to the person eating it.


We’ll also be offering Plantware forks and spoons. They have a sexy off-white color, and a nice mouthfeel.

Lentil soup
Here’s Craig using a Plantware soup spoon.


When cooks are approved to use the app, we’ll provide them with some containers and cutlery to start out. When cooks need more containers, they’ll submit a request in the app, and we’ll deliver more containers to their homes, free of charge.

We’re super excited to give these containers to our cooks. With this packaging, you’ll be able to serve a wide variety of delicious foods.

I think the food is going to look awesome. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Like to cook? Sign up to cook with Shmeal and share your meals with your neighbors and friends.

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