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Now eaters can request meals directly from a cook’s profile.

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Introducing Eater Requests, a new way to get requests from eaters

Hey cooks! Based on your feedback, we’ve created a new way to make more Shmeals happen. Now eaters can request meals from you, even if you don’t have a meal posted on the Menu. This feature is new in Shmeal 2.2 (available today in the App Store!)

You’re in control of your Eater Requests. You can turn them off or on at anytime. And you can even set an Eater Request Minimum, to set the minimum quantity for your Eater Requests.

Introducing Eater Requests! Now eaters can request a meal directly from your profile.

Pick a meal, choose a time and date, and send an Eater Request.

Eaters can explore your meals by tapping on your picture in the Explore tab.

When you get a new Eater Request, you’ll get a text letting you know someone wants your meal.

You’ll get a notification and text message for new Eater Requests.

Open Shmeal to approve the request, or chat with the eater if the request doesn’t work for you.

You can approve Eater Requests, or chat with the eater to arrange another time.

Taking Eater Requests is optional! Turn Eater Requests off or on by going to Settings in your Cook tab.

You can set the minimum quantity for Eater Requests in your cook settings.

The Eater Request Minimum setting lets you set a minimum order quantity for your Eater Requests.

For example, you might only want Eater Requests if the eater requests 2 meals or more. In this case, you can set your Eater Request Minimum to 2.

Update to Shmeal 2.2 now to manage your Eater Requests!

Thanks for sharing your feedback, and helping improve Shmeal. We hope you enjoy sharing more meals with Eater Requests. <3 The Shmeal Team

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