The Shmeal Feed - a map of where your home location is, some meatballs and zoodles, the cook's name, a description, distance, and time cooking

A preview of the most important tab in the Shmeal app – The Feed.

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Sneak peek: The Feed

The Feed is where you go to see what’s cooking near you. It’s your home base. The app will open to the feed, or you can navigate there with this little drumstick on the far left of the tabbar.

The Feed's location in the tabbar
You can scroll through to see what’s on the menu. It looks like this:

Shmeals are ordered by day, and then by distance from your home. A map at the top of the screen shows your home location.

Tap on a picture of a Shmeal to see the approximate location of the Shmeal, and some more info.

A screenshot showing the Shmeal's approximate location, more details on the cook, allergens and a button that says "Choose Pickup Time"
Next choose your pickup time.

A screenshot showing pickup times for the Shmeal, ranging from 6:00PM to 8:00PM
Finally, you have the option to add a Special Request or adjust your Quantity.

A screenshot showing the Confirm screen. Add a Special Request, change the quantity, and confirm your Shmeal.
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