A Shmeal cook, Rosann, with 3 Shmeal eaters

Lasagna made by an Italian mom is the only kind that matters.

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The first Shmeal ever served

Update August 14, 2017: We are now LIVE on the App Store! Get Shmeal: https://appsto.re/us/j7rdfb.i

Craig’s mom, Rosann, came to Chicago to serve the first Shmeal ever!

Thanks to Elaine and Patty for helping test the app, and to Justin’s roommates for letting us use the apartment. And the biggest thanks to Craig’s mom, Rosann, for the amazing lasagna!

We’re now live and adding our first cooks to Shmeal (Beta)!


By Shmeal

The Shmeal Team. 🐖💻

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