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Announcing “First Shmeal Free!”

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Your first Shmeal is now on us

We’ve been hard at work improving Shmeal for iOS and working on an Android version of Shmeal! (Many thanks to our Android fans who are waiting patiently to use Shmeal! We’re hoping to get our
Android app out by the end of the year.)

Shmeal’s come a long way since we launched in September! We’ve added 90 cooks in Chicago so far, and there have been over 1,000 Shmeals served on the platform!

It’s pretty unbelievable. When we started out, we said we’d be happy if one person used Shmeal. And now over 1,500 Chicagoans have installed Shmeal on their phones!

To show our appreciation for all of your support, we’ve decided to start giving eaters their first Shmeal FOR FREE.

We’re hoping this move helps new cooks get off to a strong start on Shmeal, and helps existing cooks reach new eaters! Check out our announcement video below, starring Stin, Tin and Tin’s Ube pop tarts. And tell your friends their first Shmeal is ON US!

By Shmeal

The Shmeal Team. 🐖💻

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