Get meals within walking distance with Eater Requests

The best Shmeals are the ones you can walk to pick up. That’s why we’re introducing our newest feature: Eater Requests.

Eater Requests are a new way to get the meals closest to you in your neighborhood.

Head to the Explore tab to send your first Eater Request.

Find a cook nearby, and tap on their picture to check out their meals. When you find a meal you want, tap Request. Then choose a date and time for your pickup!

Let the cook know when you want to pick up.

Once you’re approved, you’ll get the address and pickup confirmation.

With Eater Requests you’re now able to request any meal that’s been posted before on Shmeal!

You can request meals from the cooks closest to you in your neighborhood, and let them know which meals you want.

Try Eater Requests now in Shmeal 2.3! This new version also includes major bug fixes and performance improvements, so update today for the best Shmeal yet!

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