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Addressing the questions, “What is Shmeal?” and “Why do you have a blog?”

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Hey Hello What’s Up

Right about now you might be asking yourself “What is Shmeal?” and “Why do you have a blog?”

Well, we are here to help.

1. What is Shmeal?

Shmeal is a neighborhood app that lets you share $6 meals with your neighbors and friends. We call these $6 meals “Shmeals.” You can cook Shmeals for your friends and neighbors, or they can cook for you!

We are currently developing Shmeal and looking to launch in Chicago soon!

A Shmeal might look like this:

Meatballs and zoodles in a Shmeal container


Or maybe something like this:



2. Why have a blog?

This blog is a place for us to connect with the Shmeal community. We’ll be sharing announcements, recipes, random thoughts, and best practices for using Shmeal.

The blog is maintained by Craig, our lead designer, with help from Stin, our lead developer. Together, we are the Shmeal Dudes.

Craig eating from a Shmeal container
Stin putting some food in a Shmeal container

We’re looking forward to connecting with you here! And we are EXTREMELY excited to get our app in your hands and see what you make!

By Shmeal

The Shmeal Team. 🐖💻

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