Let cooks know which meals you want in Shmeal v2.0

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Introducing ‘Interested Eaters’ 👀🙏

A new way to interact with cooks in your neighborhood, and tell cooks which meals you want!

Explore your hood

In the new Explore tab, you can explore what cooks have been making near you! Tap on a cook’s pic to see their meals.

The new Explore tab focuses on the cooks closest to you in your neighborhood.

When you see something you like, tap the “I want it” button. The cook will get a notification that someone wants their meal!

Tap “I want it” to let cooks know which meals you want.

Don’t miss when the cook posts

Make sure you’re following the cook! This way you’ll get a push notification when they post something new.

Get push notifications when your favorite cooks post.

If your notifications aren’t on, you can turn them on with the new “Turn on push notifications” button in the side menu.

Open your side menu and tap “Turn on push notifications” to get notifications from the cooks you follow.

Interested eaters

When you tap “I want it,” the cook will get a push notification that someone wants their meal!

They’ll also get a popup and be able to see who wants their meals in the Cook tab.

Cooks will get a list of Interested Eaters in their Cook tab.

Now you can influence which meals get posted on the Menu! Get in there, and let the cooks know which meals you want!

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