“I learned how to cook because I missed my mom’s magic touch and home cooking.”

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Annie was born in India, grew up in Thailand and loves fusion food

Get to know Annie in this Q&A, and get her 🍗Chicken Tikka & Rice Pilaf Monday (7/13) from 4-7PM!

Q: What can you tell us about the dish you’re making and what inspired it?

Annie: One of my favorite things to make are fusion foods – like a spicy cacio e pepe, or chicken tikka! I love elevating a simple dish & spice it up to something amazing; merging Asian, Indian and Italian flavors!

Annie’s 🍗Chicken Tikka & Rice Pilaf. Grilled Tandoori chicken served over a bed of cumin basmati rice. Topped with mint yogurt raita and pickled onions.

Q: Where did you grow up and what kind of food did you grow up with?

Annie: Although I was born in India, I grew up in Thailand – so I got to experience the best of both Indian and Thai cuisines! I loved growing up in a melting pot of different cultures and I was surrounded by the spiciest, most delicious variety of fresh foods!

Q: What’s your cooking background, or how did you first learn to cook?

Annie: I learned how to cook because I missed my mom’s magic touch and home cooking. So I literally started experimenting to recreate my favorite dishes and became self-taught “Gordon Ramsay”…though I don’t cook professionally I am the chef/recipe developer for my snacks – grain free puffs!

Annie’s guacamole 🥑🥑🥑

Q: Anything else we should know about you and your cooking?

Annie: I love adding delicious twists to anything I make – whether it be a soufflè or a gourmet grilled cheese! I also love spicy food – so you can expect a lot of bold & balanced flavors! I’m super experimental and adventurous in the kitchen…and fix up what’s on hand or make it up as I go! 

Get Annie’s 🍗Chicken Tikka & Rice Pilaf Monday (7/13) from 4-7PM on Shmeal!

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