“I first began cooking at a very young age because I learned early in life the food makes people really happy.”

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Christopher brings happiness to his community through food

Shmeal connects you with the best personal chefs in your neighborhood (like Christopher), so you can order their meals, and have amazing food experiences every day.

Shmeal chef, Christopher Cuellar, has an extensive culinary background and is bringing his expertise to Shmeal users. After discovering the happiness that food creates, Christopher began his cooking journey at a young age. Then, at 29, Christopher attended a culinary program, benefiting veterans and their families. Now, Christopher is a professional chef at Cooper’s Hawk. 

In addition to his work on Shmeal and at Cooper’s Hawk, Christopher started his own private chef and catering business, Cooking with Cuellar in December 2020. Crafted during the pandemic, Christopher was driven by the need to bring food to his community. Cooking with Cuellar provides customers with a variety of culinary options, from dinners with minimal guests to catering for up to 300 people. 

Reviews for Christopher’s Five Star Fried Chicken:

“The entire meal is really delicious! The fried chicken is so good and perfectly seasoned! Would recommend.”

“Christopher was so kind and the meal was INCREDIBLE. Chicken was so crispy and traveled well. My family scarfed down the mac and cheese. Highly recommend!!!”

In March 2022, Christopher participated in Shmeal’s first ever cooking competition, Starch Madness. Christopher competed against Zuriel, cooking his fan favorite 5 Star Fried Chicken for the competition.

In addition to his fan favorite fried chicken, some of his most popular Shmeals include his Southwest Style Eggrolls and Spanish Chicken Paella. 

Reviews for Christopher’s Southwest Style Eggrolls:

“It was so good! Very tasty, yummy, delicious!!!!! Very flavorful. Also seems like a very nice person.”

Get Christopher’s meals on Shmeal in the Uptown neighborhood!

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