“This is a recipe that reminds me of the many hours of my childhood spent at my mom’s bakery in Mexico City.”

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Enrique is a professionally-trained chef and musician from Mexico City

Get to know Enrique in this Q&A, and get his 🍅Goat cheese and chicken enchiladas, and 🥐Rugelach, Sunday (10/24) from 12-2PM!

Q: What’s your cooking background?

Enrique: I am a professionally trained chef. I studied at the, then, French Culinary Institute (now called International Culinary Center) in New York City in 2006. I have always loved cooking, but that is where I learned the proper techniques and skills.

Enrique’s Goat cheese and chicken enchiladas.
“Traditional Mexican dish with a great salsa and a refreshing touch of Mexican crema and goat cheese.”

Q: What can you tell us about the dishes you’re making?

As a dessert, I am planning to make rugelach. This is a secret family recipe that has been passed from generation to generation in my mother’s side of the family. She eventually opened bakeries in Mexico City and in New York and this is her most loved and successful product.

I am also going to be cooking savory dishes with my wife. Her family comes from a small town in the state of Jalisco in Mexico, so we are going to make traditional Mexican dishes with high quality ingredients that will vary from week to week.

Q: Where did you grow up and what kind of food did you grow up with?

Enrique: I grew up in an Eastern European Jewish home in Mexico City. The food that was cooked at my home was usually Mexican but sometimes it would be infused with some Jewish influence. An interesting example I can think of it would be the “Gefilte fish a la Veracruzana”, some amazing enfrijoladas, great brisket but, above all, great Mexican-Eastern European pastries.

Enrique’s Rugelach.
“The favorite Jewish pastry. This recipe has been in my family for generations!”

Q: Who do you think about when you make this dish? What does it remind you of?

Enrique: While making the rugelach, I think, first of all, about my mom, but also about my grandmother and my great-grandmother who used to make this recipe in Ukraine before emigrating to Mexico. This is a recipe that reminds me of the many hours of my childhood spent at my mom’s bakery in Mexico City.

Making the savory Mexican dishes, will remind me of Mexico in general, but more specifically all the street food I ate as a teenager with my friends after parties or nice conversations at local coffee shops.

Q: Anything else we should know about you and your cooking?

Enrique: I can not think about anything else. I just hope that people would enjoy eating my food as much as I enjoy making it.

Get Enrique’s 🍅Goat cheese and chicken enchiladas, and 🥐Rugelach, Sunday (10/24) from 12-2PM, only on Shmeal!

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