Kulsum's curry

“Cooking was a big part of socializing in our community.”

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Restaurants were rare in Kulsum’s hometown in South Africa

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Q: What’s your cooking background?

Kulsum: I learned how to cook by mainly watching my family and friends of expert cooks in a small town where I grew up in South Africa. I’ve now been cooking regularly for over 25 years. Restaurants were rare and few in our little town. Cooking was a big part of socializing in our community. 

Kulsum's curry

Q: Where did you grow up and what kind of food did you grow up with?

Kulsum: I grew up in South Africa, and grew up eating a lot of Indian inspired foods, but as I’ve mentioned, I grew up with a diverse style of cooking which is inspired by so many other cultures. As long as it was tasty. 

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Q: What’s your favorite food memory?

Kulsum: I have way too many beautiful food memories to point out just one. Growing up, my mother, neighbors, my older sisters cooked daily. Everyday there was fresh food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time. Picnics, weddings, holidays. It was just that kind of place. There wasn’t a lot of restaurants as I mentioned before. 

Q: Anything else we should know about you and your cooking?

Kulsum: I’m a very organized, neat and clean cook. My experience has made me very efficient as well. It gives me joy to be to able to do what I do. Now it’s time for you to judge for yourself. Fresh ingredients usually bring out bold flavors. I almost always use fresh foods in my cooking. Thank you! 

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