Meagan - The Radical Larder

“I believe having a largely plant based diet is the future, which is radical for some, and larder means an all encompassing pantry.”

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Meagan is “The Radical Larder,” a plant based chef and caterer

Get Meagan’s “Vegan Muffuletta” TUESDAY (6/12) and WEDNESDAY (6/13) in Logan Square! Follow her on Insta @radlarder!

Q: How did you first learn to cook and what’s your cooking background?

Meagan: I grew up mainly having to fend for myself in the kitchen. I discovered that I had a great palate and an interest in food tasting good and being wholesome. My interest in cooking grew largely out of my interest in eating.

Meagan’s ratatouille!

After working in the restaurant industry as a cook for 6 years and doing my own catering and private events on the side, I realized that I want others to enjoy wholesome food as well. So that is what I aim for wholesome and tasty.

Q: What kind of meals do you want to share on Shmeal?

Meagan: One dish I will definitely make as a Shmeal at some point will be my signature soba noodle salad. I really like buckwheat (not actually a grain) as an option. I like the flavor, the color and the protein content.

Meagan’s soba noodle salad!

I really like Japanese applications of this noodle but I flip the script a bit by incorporating seasonal vegetables and fruit, a zesty vinaigrette and usually an element of crunch such as a black rice and hazelnut cluster. I am inspired by flavors and, to a lesser degree, traditions surrounding each ingredient.

Meagan’s “Vegan Muffuletta,” 6:00-8:00PM and Wednesday from 8:00-10:00PM in Logan Square! Homemade focaccia, cashew spread, bok Choi, roast potatoes, portobellos, olive and asparagus. (The one pictured is the gist with slightly different farmers market produce)

Q: What’s The Radical Larder?

Meagan: The Radical Larder is my business which has manifested a bit in the last couple of years. It is an all plant based company and focuses on the most wholesome ingredients with a consciousness around nutrition and environment.

Meagan’s corn and poblano soup.

I believe having a largely plant based diet is the future which is radical for some and larder means an all encompassing pantry so, to me, that means from what’s in your kitchen/dry storage/ refrigerator to what you put in your body. A wholesome/conscious lifestyle around food which is opposite to the mainstream ideas of health and wellness.

Q: Anything else we should know about you and your cooking?

Meagan: My dishes are pretty unique and play with interesting flavor and texture juxtaposition. A delight for the senses that also leaves you feeling good and satisfied in the end.

You can follow Meagan on Insta @radlarder and on Facebook – The Radical Larder! Get Meagan’s “Vegan Muffuletta” TUESDAY (6/12) and WEDNESDAY (6/13) in Logan Square! ❤

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