“My daughter and friends used to be my food tasters and inspired me to pursue cooking.”

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Enjoy ‘good authentic South Indian idlis’ from Sadhana

Get to know Sadhana in this Q&A, and get her 🌿Cilantro Stuffed Idli and 🍋Lemon Rice with Potato Fry, TUESDAY (3/9) until 8PM!

Q: What can you tell us about the dish you’re making and what inspired it?

I cook my dishes from scratch, make my own spices and maintaining the authenticity of the dish is my key inspiration.

Stuffed Cilantro chutney idlis are soft and fluffy steamed rice cakes made from rice and white lentil black gram, fenugreek seeds for softness. As it is stuffed with cilantro chutney you can enjoy for lunch also.

Sadhana’s 🌿Cilantro Stuffed Idli! Get it TODAY until 8PM.

Lemon rice is a staple in most South Indian households and has a delicate flavor of fresh lemon juice along with aroma of the tempering ingredients like mustard seeds, ginger, lentils, curry leaves and green chilies.

Q: Where did you grow up and what kind of food did you grow up with?

Originally from Chennai, South India. With an educational background in Home Science, cooking has been my passion. Having spent 15 years in the IT Corporate Industry, I am now retired and focused on my hobby of south Indian cooking. I enjoy cooking for others and love feedback to improve my efforts. My friends and family have always appreciated my cooking and have encouraged me to experiment. Happiness is homemade 🙂

Sadhana’s 🍋Lemon rice with potato fry!

Q: What’s your favorite food memory?

My daughter and friends used to be my food tasters and inspired me to pursue cooking and when they said, “You cook amazing dishes, why don’t you feed others?” So here I am, ready to cook for you.

Q: Anything else we should know about you and your cooking?

I love to cook, mainly because it gives you instant results. Unlike other jobs, you don’t have to wait for the semi‑annual or annual review to know how you performed. I used to cook and share with family and mostly everyone asked me to try it – hence grew my interests.

Get Sadhana’s 🌿Cilantro Stuffed Idly and 🍋Lemon Rice with Potato Fry TUESDAY (3/9) in South Loop!

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