Specializing in Cantonese and East Asian dishes, Taylor is excited to share her meals with her Roscoe Village neighbors.

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Xinyi Taylor’s serving Cantonese Style Braised Ribs on Shmeal in Roscoe Village

Shmeal connects you with the best personal chefs in your neighborhood (like Xinyi Taylor), so you can order their meals, and have amazing food experiences every day.

Order Taylor’s meals on Shmeal in the Roscoe Village neighborhood!

Shmeal chef, Xinyi Taylor, is bringing her love for sharing food with others to her neighbors. Taylor has worked in restaurants for years. Currently, she teaches kids how to cook at a children’s culinary school.

Reviews for Taylor’s Cantonese Braised Pork Ribs:

“So delicious!”

“I would eat these every night if I could! Delicious!”

Taylor specializes in making Cantonese and East Asian cuisine, though she’s not afraid to call her mom for recipes. 

@shmeal_xo The ribs 😵‍💫😵‍💫 Get Taylor’s homemade Chinese food on Shmeal in Roscoe Village! #fyp #roscoevillage #personalchef #chicago #homemade #shmeal ♬ original sound – Shmeal

Taylor served her dishes on the Shmeal TikTok.

Taylor’s fan favorite meals include her Cantonese Braised Pork Ribs and her Chicken, Shrimp and Corn Potstickers. 

Reviews for Taylor’s Chicken, Shrimp and Corn Potstickers:

“Very proper.”

If you want some Chinese food (but you don’t want to get takeout), order from Taylor!

Get Xinyi Taylor’s meals on Shmeal in the Roscoe Village neighborhood!

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