Shmeal team picture at the RedEye Big Idea Awards

And that’s what counts.

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We had the most fun at the RedEye Big Idea Awards

Thanks so much to our helpers Emily and Katie (far left and middle left)! Above, the four of us with our new friend Nina D’Angier from Thanks It Has Pockets (middle).

Shmeal was selected as a finalist for the RedEye Big Idea Awards!

We made shrimp and tofu spring rolls for the awards night! Check them out below. We gave these away for free at our booth. We also showed off a demo of our app, and got A LOT of signups to be a part of our beta test.

Thanks to everyone who came out!

Here’s our writeup in the RedEye:

RedEye Big Idea Awards Writeup
Congrats to the other finalists: Painting to Gogh, Crafts & Drafts, We All Live Here, DashPorter, codemoji, Creative Women’s Co., Good Eats!. The Haute Block, Bicycle Guardian, Validon Vertex Annotated Reality, All Along, Safe Socks, Vintage Recycle Chicago, and Thanks, It Has Pockets!

We did not win the Food & Drink category. XO.marshmallow won with their monut, which is a marshmallow in the shape of a donut. If you tasted the monut, you would understand.

Thanks so much to RedEye for hosting! If you want to read more about the finalists, check them out here:

And watch us explain Shmeal in the video below!

By Craig

Shmeal designer, marketer, lead emoji selector, enthusiastic cook and eater.

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