Taking a food photo with an iPhone

Tips and resources for taking or finding the perfect food photo.

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Getting the perfect photo for your Shmeal post

It can be tough to get the perfect food photo. So we thought we’d supply some tips and resources to help.

As far as we can tell, you’ve got two options for getting your food photos:

1. Take a photo on your phone or camera.

Taking food photos is easy and fun! Some things to keep in mind.

Lighting is king – Photographers will tell you that lighting is the #1 most important thing. Indirect, natural light is best. So set up your shot near a window during the day, or try taking your food outside to shoot.

Keep it simple – Choose a nice simple background like a plain white dish and a wood table, and keep the focus on the food.

Shoot in square mode – Remember that Shmeal photos will appear square in the app. This can be helpful when you’re trying to decide where to focus your shot and how to frame it.

The below tutorial from TopWithCinnamon is a great crash course on food photography!


2. Find a photo on the internet.

Sometimes you won’t yet have a photo of the food you want to make. Don’t despair, it’s pretty easy to source free food photos.

Use a free photo search engine – Try Pixabay or LibreStock. These sites have high-quality images and usually don’t require attribution.

Do an Advanced Google image search – Under “Usage rights” select “free to use, share or modify, even commercially.” You can then attribute the photo to its source in the text of your post, if attribution is required. Creative Commons attributions typically go like: “Photo by [author] on [website] licensed under CC BY 2.0 [link to original image]”.

Taking a food photo with an iPhone
I found this photo on LibreStock – no attribution was required.



3. Ask us to take a photo for you.

If you want help, we’d be happy to take a photo for you! Email us at help@shmeal.co, or text us at (773) 413-8847, and we’ll come take a photo for you!

Have fun, happy Shmealing!

By Craig

Shmeal designer, marketer, lead emoji selector, enthusiastic cook and eater.

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